Since the beginning, shotgun shooting has always been an interest that our club members have participated in.  We're off to a modest start with 2 battery operated, remote control clay throwers, a shooting stand and a carport type shelter.  We still have an old manual clay thrower mounted in the field.  It came with us when we relocated from the old Prather Bridge location and was remounted as soon as we cleared our existing field.  Although unverified, it was once rumored by an old club member that this manual thrower originally came from Camp Toccoa where it was used for troop recreation (recoil therapy?).  It was said that this thrower was donated to the club as the old grounds for the camp were being re-developed.  This might just be a "tall tale" but we'd appreciate it if anyone can substantiate this claim!  If you have ever used the thrower, (it still works today) and saw it up-close, you can certainly tell that it's made out of real iron, it is big and bulky and took a real man to operate it and a brave man to pull the string and stand next to it - as it slings out a clay with a LOUD, impressive thud.  It surely looks WWII vintage!

Funds generated primarily from our Tactical Pistol matchesTurkey Shoots and Benchrest competetion have put a lot of money into the club - this has allowed us to grow to where we are today.

With all this being said, we would love to see our shotgun field develop into a major attraction complete with 5-stand, trap, skeet and sporting clays. Volunteers wanted, needed and appreciated! could even have competitions if you want, we just need a conductor for the train!

We need a volunteer or three to take this discipline by the horns and make it grow! 

Help wanted

We are proud to say that GMSA has a very nice area set aside for our shotgun range as seen here sadly, she has never really received the attention she needs to grow BIG.  

As it is within any non-profit organization, it takes a lot of time and attention from dedicated volunteers to really develop a program.  We need some of those dedicated shotgunners at GMSA and would sincerely appreciate any current or potential club member that would like to volunteer and help us develop the shotgun range.  


We do not currently hold public matches in the shotgun discipline.  Volunteers are needed to set this up!

Operating Procedures                    Basic Score Sheet