welcome to our digital library

Gone are the days of the card catalog and rows of sagging bookshelves with dusty, musty smelling books of yesteryear.

Although today's books require batteries and are harder to earmark the pages, they are much lighter, easier to check out and much easier to loan to your friends.

We hope you enjoy these gems!  Some are old, some are new, some are ancient but all are fun to read!

When will YOU start using a computer? - This is little gem is dedicated to my many friends who are extremely intelligent but for some reason still think computers are the "new-fangled" passing fad for the long-haired freaky people.  This was an advertisement published by IBM in 1983, in an attempt to calm down the nay sayers of the day.  ...unfortunately, we are still fighting that battle 32 (thirty-two) years later!  wink-wink-nudge-nudge :)  Also of particular interest, the internet as we know it today is old enough to buy itself a beer.

USGI Field Manuals - A large collection of US Military field manuals.  At one time, these were stamped on 3 dusty CD ROMs.

Gun Books - A lot of old and interesting books. 

Gun Manuals - Although the manufacturers will give you a free one for asking, there are a few that are no longer in business.

JM Browning Patents - Not really a book but the documents here are a pretty cool read on the evolution of the 1911.

The P38 Can Opener - This lowly little keychain that everyone has...the ORIGINAL PREPPER tool.

Woodworking Books - From 1826 to 1923, various books on general carpentry & shop work with an book Irwin drill bit book from 1951.

The Steel Square - aka the framing square, ever want to know how to use one of these buggars for something other than a square?

The Slide Rule - The original calculator.  Instructions on how to and after a few pages, you'll understand why the calculator caught on! 

USNEETS - US Navy Electricity & Electronics Training Series.  From vacuum tubes to klystrons, this 24 volume set contains it all.

Coleman Lanterns - Instructions on how to repair, rebuild and restore.

Syd's 1911 Notebook - A whole lot of information about the 1911 collected from various sources.

The Ruger SR1911 - A review by Massad Ayoob

The Lessons of Tom Gramins - This is from the Ayoob files.  Tales of an Illinois police officer and why he now carries 150 rds of ammo.

If This Gun Could Talk - Tales of a 1911 that served faithfully as a bullet shield for some unknown airman in WWII.