IDPA  #c0170

Matches are open to the public, you do not have to be a GMSA member to participate!
IDPA membership is not required to participate in our monthly matches but is required to shoot in classifiers, regional and state level events.

If you are new to pistol shooting, and not sure if you're ready for IDPA, you might want to consider shooting in a few of our Tactical Pistol matches for starters.  Many IDPA shooters participate in our Tactical Pistol matches just for practice.

GMSA joined IDPA in May 1999 and was one of the first IDPA clubs in Georgia, we were number 170 in the nation.

Mr. Jeff McDonald was our first match director (1998-1999) and was the recipient of our original IDPA pistol box, shown in the pictures below.  Although it looks home made, our Official IDPA Pistol Box was issued by IDPA back in 1999.

Match Director:  Brian Ellenberg

Assistant Match Director: Harriett Williams

IDPA HQ Club Contact & Chief SO:  Greg Pruitt

For more information, please email:

Date: 4th Saturday of each month

​Registration: Pre-registration via Practiscore

Match begins at 9AM, (the match usually ends around 12:30-1:00)
Safety meeting & SO walk through begins at 9:00 with the match to begin immediately afterwards.
Round Count: about 100 (individual mileage may vary)
Match Fee: $15 for most - GMSA members $10 - SO volunteers $5. Match Fee is waived for participants who help set up stages.

​SO volunteers & score keepers are most welcome and sincerely appreciated

We shoot six stages (pistol bays 1-6)

Pistols and PCC's WELCOME!

OFFICIAL RULE BOOK - *NEW 2015 version* - effective March 1, 2015, click here (2 MB)