New memberships are currently NOT being accepted until after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

Because we cannot assemble for monthly meetings and vote in new members, new applications are NOT being accepted.

Please try again after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  Estimated spring 2021 or when a vaccine is widely available!

If you are interested in joining GMSA, we strongly encourage you to look over our FAQ page (frequently asked questions) as it contains... well, the very FAQ's. New memberships are currently NOT being accepted until after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

Current GMSA members needing to renew their yearly membership, please click here for instructions.

New memberships are currently NOT being accepted until after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

The Georgia Mountain Shooting Association, Inc. (GMSA) is a Not for Profit Georgia Corporation, and has attained Not for Profit status with the IRS.  The Corporation leases its shooting facilities from GMSA Limited Partnership (GMSA LP), a Georgia Real Estate Partnership whose partners are members and past members of GMSA. The purpose of the GMSA Limited Partnership (GMSA LP) shall be to own, develop, maintain, manage, lease and operate real property for the limited and exclusive purpose of maintaining a range facility for Georgia Mountain Shooting Association, Inc. and its members.

New memberships are currently NOT being accepted until after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

Membership in GMSA requires a one time initiation fee of $300, plus annual dues of $100 (pro rated - see application), and 10 hours of documented range work before December 31 of your first year.  If a new member fails to perform, or document their work hours, the following year's dues will be $200. (EFFECTIVE JAN 2017) 

  • Please note: The $300 initiation fee does not prepay any future yearly dues.  It is an initiation fee only, yearly club dues come due on December 31st of your first year as a member.
  • The 10 hour range work requirement is not waived for members joining late in the year.  IE: Oct, Nov or Dec. Your first year dues are pro rated by the quarter but work requirements are not.

New memberships are currently NOT being accepted until after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

​*** We require that all first time applicants furnish at least one of the following 3 credentials as proof of a clear background and the eligibility to own and posses firearms.  (1) Weapons License from GA or bordering state, (2) Active Law Enforcement ID, (3) Active US Military Personnel.  Our new member packet lists complete requirements, procedures, instructions and a full schedule of prorated dues.  (club membership dues, work requirements and membership prerequisites are voted on annually by the membership and are subject to change)

 If you have a valid CWL, CCP from a state bordering Georgia, we accept those as well but otherwise (if not) you will need to pay for a background check from a law enforcement agency physically located here in Georgia and submit the results to the club officers.  If you have current (unexpired) law enforcement credentials, police, sheriff or deputy (but not a reserve officer) or are active US Military or National Guard (not a civilian contractor), you may use your current, unexpired Military or LE identification card in lieu of a GWL, Georgia Weapons License.  

In other words, if you are active military and have a picture ID or other credentials that would currently allow you un-escorted access to a military base or installation, or LE credentials that would currently allow you to carry a firearm into a Georgia courtroom, this ID can be used in lieu of a GWL or CWP for GMSA membership.

Additionally, membership in GMSA also requires that you are now or will simultaneously become a member of the National Rifle Association.  The liability insurance of $1,000,000 that the club carries is obtained through the club's affiliation with the NRA, and requires that all GMSA members to be NRA members.

To apply for membership, you must complete the New Member Packet submit it, (all forms required) together with appropriate GMSA Dues (see application) and $300 initiation fee to the GMSA Treasurer or any Club Officer.  

This New Member Packet is available to be downloaded and printed by following the link below. 

Includes forms, instructions and procedures to join GMSA.

1- Please click on the link above

2- Hover your cursor to the middle-right of your screen

3- Download the membership application (see example to the right and above this text)

4- Print out your application and read the first page for instructions.

New member orientation procedures click here.

NOTE: A current NRA membership is required to join GMSA.  You must remain a member of the NRA in order in order to maintain your GMSA membership! (yearly proof of membership is required to get a new gate key)

click here to join the NRA.

Completed forms and funds may be mailed to:


Georgia Mountain Shooting Association

Treasurer - Attn: New Member Packet

PO Box 188

Eastanollee, GA 30538

For any questions about GMSA or to arrange a time for a visit to the range, please click here.