gmsa cold range rules for Visiting Members matches and sanctioned events

The GMSA range is “COLD!” All firearms will be kept UNLOADED except on the firing line and under the direct supervision of Match Officials. 

N O    A P P E N D I X    C A R R Y



-Semi-autos must remain holstered and have chamber and magazine well empty. No appendix carry whatsoever!

-Revolvers must remain holstered and have all chambers/cylinders empty. No appendix carry whatsoever!

-Rifles, Shotguns​ must be unloaded with chamber flags inserted or break actions OPEN. They may be stored in a case or if hand                                    carried or "slung", the muzzle must be pointed either up or down.

-Rifles & Shotguns in Gun Carts - used during 3 Gun matches are to be carried (carted) with the muzzles are pointed downward.

-SASS Gun Carts during SASS matches only, muzzles may be pointed upward provided actions are OPEN per SASS rules

Any GMSA member or Range Officer/ Safety Officer observing an unsafe act should contact the offending person(s), and politely explain our Range Safety Rules For Match Contestants. In addition to these Range Safety Rules for match contestants, all GMSA members are also subject to the Range Rules and Code of Conduct while on the property of Georgia Mountain Shooting Association.

In the unlikely event that you are contacted about a violation of the Range Safety Rules, please accept the criticism in a positive manner, as these rules are for your safety and the safety of all persons using our range. If a competitor is thought to be in violation of the COLD RANGE rule, a Range Official will escort the competitor to a safety area and direct the competitor to “unload and show clear”. If the firearm is found to be loaded, the competitor will be disqualified from the match.  

During any GMSA sanctioned match or contest, contestants will refrain from handling their firearms, except when instructed by a match official or in designated areas (“SAFE AREA”). 

Required for all shooters and spectators. Individuals without eye and ear protection will be required to leave the shooting area until such eye and ear protection is worn. 


We are in the foothills of the NEGA mountains and we have rocks...lots of rocks and rocks deflect bullets!  All targets must be positioned where bullets will be absorbed into the lower 1/3 of the berm and never should targets be placed that would allow bullets to hit rocks in the berm or the range floor. 

Please remember that you, the shooter, are responsible for your bullets from the time that they leave the muzzle of your gun until the moment that they come to rest.

While on GMSA property, any contestant who fires and or causes a round to go over the berm or backstop, where it leaves GMSA property, whether it be accidental or intentional, will be immediately disqualified from the competition or event.

Furthermore, this competitor must submit a copy of their
driver’s license and current mailing address and telephone number to the Match Officials or Club Officer(s) if present. In the unfortunate case where said round left our range may be reported to cause property damage and/or injury to our neighbors, this information will be furnished to local law enforcement in order to identify the responsible party.

GMSA prides itself on maintaining a family atmosphere.  We routinely have youth and lady shooters participate in our matches and strive to make our range a place that everyone feels comfortable and welcomed at.  

​With this in mind, we ask that all visitors to our range maintain polite and courteous language, behavior and appearance.  If you wouldn't say it (or wear it) in front of your mother, wife or daughter, you shouldn't say it or wear it at GMSA.  The occasional word of disgust or disbelief is understandable but the raw and extensive use of profane language and/or the display of offensive clothing will not be tolerated on our range.  Anyone using vulgar language or wearing offensive clothing will be asked to correct themselves and those unable or unwilling to will be asked to leave the event. All Match Directors, RO's, SO's and GMSA Club Officers have final authority regarding offensive language and objectionable garments.

The use of fully automatic weapons (machine guns) on our property requires prior written approval from the Executive Committee. The use of these weapons is restricted to GMSA members only.

GMSA members who wish to use a fully automatic weapon while on GMSA property must get written approval from the Executive committee and once approval is granted, is contingent upon the following conditions.  

1) The letter of permission should be kept with you while at the range and firing your automatic weapon. 
2) The letter of permission is not transferable and may be revoked at any time by GMSA.
3) You must notify at least one of the club officers, no less than one hour before commencing fully automatic fire at the range.  Notification should state your anticipated start and end time that you will be at the range.  That club officer should then notify the rest of the Executive Committee via email or telephone within 30 minutes of your proposed start time.
4) Fully automatic fire is limited to any of the 6 available “pistol pits” at the club. 
5) All range rules set forth in the GMSA Range Rules and Code of Conduct must be followed.
6) Any weapon fired fully automatic must be NFA and ATF compliant.
7) The GMSA "good neighbor rule" must be strictly followed - NO fully automatic fire before 12PM on Sundays.

Silencers? SBR's? AOW's?
​These devices are allowed on our range without written approval however all NFA and ATF rules apply.