Future Calendar Dates
This is the as now "5th Saturday" schedule for GMSA 3 Gun and we will likely stick with it for the foreseeable future.

We are trying very hard to grow our 3 Gun program but in order to make it a monthly event, a few things need to come together.
1) First, we need to gather a good group of dedicated volunteers who can consistently help with match design and set up.
3 Gun stage set up in particular is VERY labor intensive and not very sustainable, in the long term by just one, two or even three shooters (set up volunteers).

2) Next we need to secure a monthly Saturday date. This is something we could very possibly make happen but in the meantime, we are going with a 5th Saturday schedule until labor resources are aligned.

Please bear with us and stay tuned for more details. Volunteer when you can!

The calendar is updated regularly and match announcements are made via our email list, usually on Wednesdays before the match.

​Please make sure you subscribe the GMSA 3-Gun email list to receive the latest announcements as they happen!

3 Gun Comes to GMSA!

Matches are open to the public, you do not have to be a GMSA member to participate!

3 Gun has just started here at GMSA.  

We are still developing the program and our first match in August 2014 gave us very promising hope of a new venue.  

Thanks to everyone who is helping us get this up and running and special thanks to our Match Director Greg Pruitt.

For more information, please send an email to: 3gun@gmsaclub.com

GMSA Specific 3 Gun Rules and Procedures                                 GMSA 3 Gun Score Sheet

​(revised for 2016)

Past Match Scores

Match Director:   Greg Pruitt

Date: 5th Saturday of each month with 5 weeks 

(Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec for 2018)

Registration: ​Begins at 8:15 AM with a safety briefing

at 9AM.  Shooting begins immediately afterwards (9:30AM)

Round Count: ​Our stages will vary in difficulty and are

specifically designed to test the shooting and gun-running

ability of our participants.  These challenging stages can

and usually do - affect your individual mileage.  We highly

recommend that you bring extra rounds for each of your

guns.  For the typical 3 gun match, you will need 25 rounds

pistol, 40 rounds rifle and 30 rounds (lead shot) for your shotgun but some matches may require shotgun slugs.

PLEASE NOTE: In all cases, we always publish ammunition needs in the MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT email that is sent out the week of the match.  These are typically sent out 2-3 days prior to the match date. 

Match Fee: ​$25 for most

GMSA members $20 

Match RO's - $10

Set Up Crew shoots free!

                                                                               Charles Camp 

                                                                                                                       01/03/1947 - 08/25/2016

                                                                                Our beloved GMSA member, shootin' buddy, set up helper and A-Team

                                                                                member...We miss you "Challie"!

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