The Piedmont Regulators and The Georgia Mountain Shooting Association, hereinafter referred to as "GMSA", are two separate organizations. Participants should note that each club may have it's own separate club officers, match directors, club by laws, rules, regulations policies and procedures, and in all cases, GMSA range rules, policies and procedures apply to any participant, spectator or visitor while on GMSA property. Membership with The Piedmont Regulators does not grant any member, any rights or privileges to GMSA properties or facilities. Membership with GMSA, does not grant any member, any rights or privileges to The Piedmont Regulators club, their shooting venues or any real or physical property that may be owned by The Piedmont Regulators.

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Cowboy Action Shooting

GMSA is where The Piedmont Regulators, an SASS affiliated club, holds their monthly matches.

Piedmont Regulator matches are open to the public, you do not have to be a Piedmont Regulator

member or a GMSA member to participate.

​Date: 2nd Saturday of each month.

Registration: Registration begins at 8 AM, warmup match starts at 8:30 AM, and the safety briefing is at 9:30 AM 

Round Count: Approximately 60 rounds of pistol ammo, 60 rounds of rifle ammo and 25 - 30 shotgun shells. 

                         All bullets must be solid lead, low velocity "cowboy loads" and shotgun shells cannot contain shot larger than 7 1/2. 

Match fees:  $20 for most, $15 for Piedmont Regulator members and $10 for GMSA members. (must show gate key or GMSA ID card)

                       Buckaroos (age 13 and younger) shoot free

                       Membership Application for Piedmont Regulators click here

We shoot 6 stages

For more information, please contact Steve Weber aka Iron Chief by sending an email to:

All SASS rules apply.

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