‡ For the purposes of this page, the word frequent is used to describe the following: occurring or appearing quite often or at close intervals,      habitual or regular, essentially anything greater than zero.

Lost Key

We all loose things and it's completely understandable that gate keys will occasionally get lost.

Here's how to get a replacement key

In all cases, before replacement keys are issued, we must verify that current dues have been paid.  

In order to verify proof of current dues payment, you will need to provide one of the following:

  • a copy or photograph of the current years membership card, with signature of a club officer


  • a copy of your cancelled check written as payment of the current years dues

​         or

  • pay $10 administrative fee for researching membership rolls in order to verify payment

The costs for a replacement key varies according to the situation present, please see below

  • GMSA members who, in the current calendar year, frequently participate in, or are a volunteer that assists with the set up or administration of a GMSA sanctioned match or event.  Keys can be picked up at your next match. 

          Costs:       FREE* with proof of current dues payment 

                          * extra $5 administrative fee for researching membership rolls to verify payment of your current dues

  • All other GMSA members

          Costs:          $5 per key* with proof of current dues payment

                             * extra $10 administrative fee for researching membership rolls to verify payment of your current dues

                             * extra $ 5 mailing fee per key if you cannot pick up in person (see #4 below for address)

Replacement keys, with applicable fees and supporting documentation may be obtained up by any of the following means:

  1. While helping set up for a GMSA sanctioned match.  (arrangements must be made beforehand)  Typically this is done on Friday evenings just prior to a scheduled match. see calendar of events
  2. At any GMSA monthly meeting, see calendar of events for dates
  3. Before or after but not during a GMSA monthly match where officers are in attendance (arrangements must be made beforehand) 
  4. By US Mail  -  Send Proof of current dues payment, (or the $10 research fee), along with a $5 mailing fee to the following address.  Please include your name and address to: (please allow 7-14 days processing time)

                             Georgia Mountain Shooting Association, Inc.

                             Attn: Lost Key

                             PO Box 188

                             Eastanollee, GA  30538