>>>>>LOSt and found<<<<<

Occasionally, despite our best efforts, and without the oversight of our better-half, who knows where everything is, we menfolk just loose stuff at the gun club.  Don't it just trip your trigger when you tell your friend that you "lost something" and the first thing they ask is "...oh yeah? where?"  Well - well Sherlock, if we knew where it was, it wouldn't be lost - huh?  

If you've lost something, or found something, please contact us and we will post it here.  With everyone working together, maybe we can help a fellow shooter get out of the dog house.  In sending the email, please put "lost" or "found" in the subject line.  Please include a brief description of the item(s), the approximate date it was lost or found, and your contact information in the body of the email.  

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  1. FOUND: Weekend of 05/27/2017 - 4 magazines.  If you left your magazines at the range please send us an email and describe them by brand, what they fit, the caliber and finish and we will gladly get them back to you!
  2. FOUND: During the April 2016 Tactical Pistol match.  One pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs that accidentally were placed in the wrong range bag.- Returned to Owner
  3. FOUND: During the December 2015 Tactical Pistol match at the Toccoa PD Training Center Range, a 15rd Glock 9mm magazine with owners initials in sharpie marker.  We know who the owner is, and have sent him an email that we have his magazine.  It is safe and secure in our Lost and Found vault. - Returned to Owner
  4. LOST: September 2015, set of Kobalt swivel headed ratchet wrenches, ratchet boxed end on one end, were in a zip-lock bag near the garage roll up door.
  5. FOUND: During the week of June 1st, 2015, Pair of sunglasses & green Caldwell electronic earmuffs. Please Matt Kervin at mattkervincrna@gmail.com - tell him what day you where at the range and where you lost them at and Matt will be happy to get them to you. - Returned to Owner
  6. FOUND: Olive green jacket, size XL made by Port Authority.  Left at one of the pistol bays after November 2014 IDPA match. - Returned to Owner
  7. LOST:  Gold Wedding Band - During one of our Tactical Pistol Matches, one of our shooters lost a gold wedding band.  It is suspected that it was dropped somewhere around the back of the clubhouse but with grass cutting and the recent rains, it could be anywhere on the range.
  8. LOST: Lost, found and then stolen from the clubhouse...Black velcro backed nylon gun belt, medium sized (about 36") - This belt was left in the clubhouse after the owner helped us tally scores at a Tactical Pistol Match.  We found it, called the owner and placed in one of our file holders beside the bulletin board for the owner (and GMSA member) to retrieve at the next match.  Unfortunately, the belt went missing before that next match. Would whomever liberated the gun belt from the file holder, please discreetly return it so that it can be returned to the rightful owner?