>>>>>LOSt and found<<<<<

Occasionally, despite our best efforts, and without the oversight of our better-half, who knows where everything is, we menfolk just loose stuff at the gun club.  Don't it just trip your trigger when you tell your friend that you "lost something" and the first thing they ask is "...oh yeah? where?"  Well - well Sherlock, if we knew where it was, it wouldn't be lost - huh?  

If you've lost something, or found something, please contact us and we will post it here.  With everyone working together, maybe we can help a fellow shooter get out of the dog house.  In sending the email, please put "lost" or "found" in the subject line.  Please include a brief description of the item(s), the approximate date it was lost or found, and your contact information in the body of the email.  

​If you've paid your current dues and need a replacement key, click here


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