Tactical 2 Gun - Pcc

Matches are open to the public, you do not have to be a GMSA member to participate.

Tactical 2 gun Shooting emulates real life defensive pistol shooting from a different

approach than IPSC or IDPA. These are fun matches that are perfectly suited

for the novice shooter.  You might find stages set up with steel, member built

props, a Texas Star, bowling pins or even shotgun clays.

This is the perfect discipline to introduce a new shooter to the 2 gun sport

and serves as an excellent primer to learn how to run TWO GUNS under the stress

of a timer.

  • In the true spirit of 2 Gun, you must shoot two (2) guns.  Pistol and PCC.
  • PCC- Pistol Caliber Carbines ONLY
    (as defined by appendix b of the IDPA Rulebook)
  • PCC MUST fire 9mm, 357 Sig, 40 S&W, 10mm or 45 ACP. (no exceptions)
  • Sig Braces are allowed but must be shoulder fired and NOT strapped to your arm.
  • Depending on the match, sometimes we score with 3G rules but for the majority
    of our matches, we score using the IDPA scoring system.

  • IDPA ScoringTime + Points Down + Penalties = Score (in seconds)
  • How are steel targets scored? 5 second penalty for each steel target left standing.
  • IDPA scoring places an equal emphasis on speed and accuracy
  • Questions on how IDPA is scored? click here
  • Range Commands used by our Safety Officers and Range Officers. click here

For more information, please send an email to: 2gun@gmsaclub.com

Tactical 2 Gun Match Director:  Brian Turpin

Assistant Tactical 2 Gun match Director: Justin Manglitz

You may contact either Brian or Justin at 2gun@gmsaclub.com

Date: 1st Saturday every other month.  Please check our calendar of events for specific dates.

Registration: begins at 8:15AM, Safety Meeting at 9:00 AM, match begins immediately after Safety Meeting

Round Count: about 100-175 (individual mileage may vary)

Match Fee: For most, $15 per shooter - GMSA members $10 per shooter PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE

Set Up Crew & Match SO's shoot free!

Please see the rules (link directly below) for required equipment and restricted gear - holsters, mag pouches etc.

Stage Designers and Volunteer Set Up Crew are ALWAYS Welcome!

                 Official GMSA Tactical Pistol Rules                           How GMSA Scores Tactical Pistol Targets

                 Set Up Guidelines for Tactical Pistol Matches         GMSA Blank Tactical Pistol Score Sheet

                 Past Match Scores                                                       GMSA Range Rules for Match Contestants

Equipment needed:

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory for both spectators and participants
  • You may use any serviceable handgun in caliber 22 Long Rifle or above, with a barrel length of 6 inches or less
  • Belt holster required, (no horizontal shoulder holsters - see rules)
  • Magazine pouch (2 magazines) highly recommended (we load to 10rds max regardless of mag capacity)
  • Three magazines for your gun, you can get by with two but having three will be very beneficial
  • Some new shooters often come in pairs and might need to share pistols.  We are happy to accommodate new shooters sharing pistols but the "pistol swap" must be done on the firing line and under the direct supervision of the Range Officer.
  • Click here for a more detailed list of basic equipment needed

You will typically shoot four but sometimes 5 or more courses of fire, each course will require 16 rounds maximum, (individual mileage may vary) and most all stages will require at least one mandatory reload.  Target distances will vary from 5 to 15 yards but will average about 10 yards.