1)  Hey, I missed the annual meeting and I need to pay my dues and get a new key for the gate.
We are more than happy to make reasonable accommodations for members who pay their dues late.  

Please click here for instructions on how to pay late dues.

2)  It has been a little while since I've paid my yearly dues, what do I need to do to bring my membership up to date and get a new key?

This depends on how long your membership has been unused/unpaid.  Please see the following situations:

1. If a past GMSA member has not paid their dues for a period from zero (current year) to two (2) years previous, they need only pay the current year’s membership dues plus range work fee. Proof of prior membership must be provided (old ID card, cancelled check, etc)

2. If a past GMSA member has not paid their dues for a period from two (2) years to five (5) years from the current date, they will need to pay the current year’s membership dues plus range work fee.  A complete a new member application must be submitted and all prerequisites of the new member application must be met. This does include presentation of a Carry Permit (GA Weapon’s License, or other reciprocal state’s carry permit) or submission to a back ground check at the applicants cost. Proof of prior membership must be provided (old ID card, cancelled check, etc)

3. If a past GMSA or GMSA LP member has not paid their dues for a period of more than five (5) years from the current date, this membership is considered abandoned.  They will need to pay the current year’s membership dues including the current new member initiation fee.  A complete a new member application must be submitted and all prerequisites of the new member application must be met.  This does include presentation of a Carry Permit (GA Weapon’s License, or other reciprocal state’s carry permit) or submission to a back ground check at the applicants cost.  All abandoned memberships must pay the current new member initiation fee.

In conjunction with item 3 above (members returning after prolonged absence):
If a limited partner wishes to return to the GMSA after an absence of 5 or more years from the current date, they will be given the option of signing their Partnership over to the GMSA, Inc (the Club) in lieu of payment of an equal amount of the initiation fee (i.e. a Partner with a $100 initial investment would be given $100 credit towards the current initiation fee upon signing over their limited partnership).

3)  I would like to advertise my business at GMSA, can I post a banner at one of your shooting matches?

How do I get my business listed on your Corporate Sponsor Page?

Generally speaking, we will only allow a sign or banner to be placed on our range by a business that donates merchandise to the club for our shooting disciplines (for prizes & awards) or to the club in general (for raffles and fundraisers).  

We are a non-profit organization and it is our preference to keep the range as commercial free as possible.  We do sincerely appreciate the support of these businesses and organizations for the products they donate to us.  Times are hard and margins are small for a lot of businesses and we feel that placing a sign, logo or banner on our range is a humble way to recognize their dedication to the shooting sports at GMSA.  We sincerely appreciate our current corporate sponsors and welcome any business wishing to donate promotional material to GMSA.  If your company or organization would be interested in donating promotional merchandise, goods or material to our club, please use the contact usform to let us know and we will give your offer full consideration.

4)  Are we having a (meeting, match) today?  What time does it start?

Please see our calendar of events for all things happening at GMSA.  The calendar is updated often and is your best source for what's going on at the club.  Included in the calendar are club meetings, match dates with detailed information on most calendar entries.  It even has notable dates and birthdays of popular people that wanted commemorating.

5)  I need to pay my dues and get a new key for the gate.

click here for instructions

6)  I've signed up for your emails to get match scores but 'm not getting them, what's wrong?

Unfortunately this is a common happening with certain email providers.  Please see our Subscribe to the GMSA email list section for a full explanation of the situation along with recommended remedies.  You can however view past emails by clicking here

7)  I'm not sure if I'm ready to start competing yet but I'd like to come see what it's all about.  Do you allow spectators?

Absolutely yes!  Please come watch!  Spectators are welcome but please bring your eye and ear protection.  Once you feel you are ready for competition shooting, please review our basic equipment lists for IDPA and Tactical Pistol.  Even if you're interested in a long gun sport, much of the same equipment is used with all disciplines.

8)  How much do you charge for non-members that want to come shoot at your range?

Sorry but we are not a public range and our facilities are closed to the general public for plinking and general target practice.

We do however open our range up for several events and matches each month. These GMSA sanctioned events are open to the general public and we openly welcome all non-members to come out and shoot with us during a public match.  Match fees for public events vary with each discipline and range from $2 per shot for our Turkey Shoots, $15 for Tactical & IDPA to $25 for 3 Gun. (please see our calendar of events and the shooting tab above for exact cost and information for the type of shooting you are interested in)

9)  Do I have to be a club member to shoot in one of your (IDPA, Tactical, Shotgun) matches?

No, these are open to the public and we welcome you to come shoot with us! 

10)  I would like to bring my son/daughter with me to shoot in one of your matches.  Is there an age limit to shoot?

There are no age limits to shoot in any of our sanctioned shoots however we require that the shooter be well experienced in the safe use of his or her gun.  All underage shooters must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older..

We actively encourage parents to get their kids involved in shooting!  They are the future of our sport and we need to get them involved!  At most all of our shoots, Youth, age 16 and under shoot for free!

11)  Are MACHINE GUNS allowed on your range? Silencers? SBR? AOW?

The use of fully automatic weapons (machine guns) on our property requires prior written approval from the Executive Committee. The use of these weapons is restricted to GMSA members only (with letter of permisson).

GMSA members who wish to use a fully automatic weapon while on GMSA property must get written approval from the Executive committee and once approval is granted, is contingent upon the following conditions.  

1) The letter of permission should be kept with you while at the range and firing your automatic weapon. 
2) The letter of permission is not transferable and may be revoked at any time by GMSA.
3) You must notify at least one of the club officers, no less than one hour before commencing fully automatic fire at the range.  Notification should state your anticipated start and end time that you will be at the range.  That club officer should then notify the rest of the Executive Committee via email or telephone within 30 minutes of your proposed start time.
4) Fully automatic fire is limited to any of the 6 available “pistol pits” at the club. 
5) All range rules set forth in the GMSA Range Rules and Code of Conduct must be followed.
6) Any weapon fired fully automatic must be NFA and ATF compliant.
7) Please observe the GMSA good neighbor rule and not fire before 12PM on Sundays.

Silencers? SBR? AOW?

​These devices are allowed on our range without written approval however all NFA and ATF rules apply.

12) Is open carry allowed at your range?

No, GMSA is a  cold range.  It is club policy that loaded guns are allowed only on the firing line.  

On duty, commissioned law enforcement officers are exempt from this policy.

13)  How do I join your club?  How much does it cost to join your club? Who do I need to see to join your club?

We welcome all applicants!  Our new member packet has very detailed instructions on the process and requirements for membership.  The new member packet will answer most of your questions and list the prerequisites for joining our club, please take the time to read it (and this FAQ section) carefully and if your questions still aren't answered, please feel free to contact us.

14)  I would like to arrange for a visit to your club to look around before joining, will you meet me there?

We are more than happy to make reasonable accommodations for a prospective member to tour our range.  Please send us an email from the contact us page to arrange for a visit.  Email is almost always the most efficient means of communication and our system allows all officers to be contacted simultaneously.  We ask that you maintain reasonable expectations and also kindly ask that you understand that many of our officers live 20 - 30 miles away from the range and work full time jobs in addition to their volunteer position here at GMSA.  A weekday visit may not always be possible and emails may take up to 24 hours for a response.  We sincerely appreciate your interest in our club and one of our officers will make every effort to meet you for a tour of our facilities.  Please also keep in mind that we host GMSA sanctioned matches almost every Saturday of a month and there is usually a club officer participating in one of these matches and they would be more than happy to stay over after the match to meet with you.

15)  Is your membership a family membership?

This would depend on your expectation of what a family membership would offer.  Club members are welcome to bring their entire family and/or as many guests as they like.  The club member is responsible for and must always, personally accompany their guests and family while on club property.  In other words, the club member is the key holder and must always physically be with their guests at all times while on club property.  GMSA members are strictly forbidden from loaning out their gate key to someone who is not a club member (family, friends co-workers, etc).

16)  Do you offer corporate level or business memberships?

Yes, we have a corporate membership program however these require approval of a membership vote.  All corporate/business memberships must be presented to and pass by a majority vote in order to join.  Corporate member slots generally have no voting rights in GMSA elections and are usually limited (by the number of members a corporation may enroll) and must meet all of the individual requirements and prerequisites for regular GMSA members.  Please contact an officer for more details.

17)  How many guests can a member bring with them?

GMSA members may bring as many guests with them as they can reasonably accompany or oversee for safety on the range.  All guests are the responsibility of the hosting member.

18)  If I'm a member, can I loan my key to my (son, daughter, nephew, cousin, etc)?

No.  The club member is responsible for and must always accompany their guests and family while on club property.  In other words, the club member is the key holder and must always physically be, with their guests while on club property.

19)  My wife and I love to shoot and sometimes she likes to shoot alone, do you offer any sort of husband & wife discount?

Yes, we do offer a spousal membership for an additional $50 per year.  The spouse must meet all membership requirements and gets his/her own key and enjoys the same basic benefits as a stand alone member.  Regular membership with added spouse membership only have 1 vote count in club elections and any other business that requires a member vote.  Spouse memberships have no additional range work requirements but collectively must meet the 10 hour regular member requirement.

20)  What is the definition of a "spouse"?  Are common-law or gay couples included in this?

We full well realize this is a great topic of debate in today's politics however our Corporate Articles of Incorporation strictly forbids us from engaging in propaganda, political causes or debates.  GMSA's purpose is plain and simple, "...the encouragement of organized rifle and pistol shooting among citizens of the United States, resident in our community, with a view toward a better knowledge on the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improved marksmanship..."

To this end, we respectfully stand neutral on any such debates and remind prospective candidates that the views and opinions expressed by any officer, member or affiliate of GMSA are that of the individual, and in no way shall they represent the policies of The Georgia Mountain Shooting Association (GMSA).  GMSA is Governed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Georgia; as such, we will recognize the term "spouse" and it's definition by whatever current laws govern the United States of America and the State of Georgia.  

21)  If I don't have a Georgia Weapons License, can I still join your club?

Yes, if you have a valid CWL, CCP from a state bordering Georgia, we accept those as well but otherwise (if not) you will need to pay for a background check from a law enforcement agency physically located here in Georgia and submit the results to the club officers.  If you have current (unexpired) law enforcement credentials, police, sheriff or deputy (but not reserve officers) or are active US Military or National Guard(but not civilian contractors), you may use your current, unexpired Military or LE identification card in lieu of a GWL.  Basically, if you are active military and have a picture ID or other credentials that would currently allow you un-escorted access to a military installation, or LE credentials that would currently allow you to carry a firearm into a Georgia courtroom, this ID can be used in lieu of a GWL or CWP for GMSA membership.

22)  I see that you require a $300 initiation fee.  This seems expensive just to join, why do you charge so much?

We get this question a lot and quite frankly the initiation fee is in place primarily to weed out ruffians who wouldn't follow safe gun handling practices and club rules to begin with. This might turn away a potentially good member or two but the good it serves, far outweighs the bad. Guns are serious, can be deadly if handled improperly and require self-discipline to be safe around.  

safety must be our top priority 

Without some sort of filter, like an initiation fee, anyone with $35 for an NRA membership and another $50 for a pawn shop pistol, could join our club and be out "bustin' caps" at the range for less than $100.  Although an individual that fits this profile - might well be a really swell guy, the overwhelming majority of people that fit this profile are not the kind of people we would want to share a range with.  

If you've ever been to a public range and saw them littered with shot up targets, busted bottles, beer cans and trash everywhere, you can hopefully see where we're coming from.  We have found that the initiation fee serves to give our new members a sense of investment and ownership in club property and helps foster a "do right" attitude.  Every current member of GMSA has paid an initiation fee and we use these funds that we collect from the initiation fee for range maintenance and upkeep.

23)  Can I trade out labor or goods for my initiation fee and club dues? 

No.  The IRS considers our club dues to be INCOME and monies spent on range upkeep and maintenance to be EXPENSES.  

In order to keep our paperwork straight, and to accurately document income versus expenses, we do not allow a straight out swap out for dues and initiation.  In a situation like this, if you have a good or service that is of value to our club, the best solution would be for you to invoice us for the goods or services so we have documentation of our expenses.  Once you are ready to process your application, we can then handle the transaction by writing you a check for your invoice and then you write us a check for dues and fees.  Even if the dollar amounts cancel out to zero, we still need that paper trail to document income and expenses.

24)  I'm a long time GMSA member and it seems like every time I want to go shoot, there's an event going on and there's nowhere to shoot.

This is a bittersweet problem to have but is an unfortunate reality of our club.

First and foremost, in order to avoid disappointments, we strongly encourage you to visit the calendar of events page and verify that where you want to shoot is open before you leave home.  Secondly, please understand that with the exception of IBS State Matches, seldom will a club sanctioned event last past 12PM to 1PM so there's still plenty of daylight left after any match.  A little pre-planning before you head out to the range and looking at the club calendar will help prevent disappointments.

25)  I'm a long time GMSA member and just want a place to go shoot my guns, I don't give-a-rip about no matches or contests.  How-come every time I want to go shoot, there's something going on and there's nowhere for me to shoot.  Why cant we just have a private club for private members?

This issue has been raised several times during monthly meetings of the past and the officers got together and worked the math.

They found that in order to fully-fund GMSA (in the condition that she is in now), and pay the taxes and lease, that we would need to increase yearly dues by approximately $100 per member.  When this was reported this back to the membership at the monthly meetings and nobody wanted to raise yearly dues and we did not get any more volunteers to help with range work; At most range work days, we have less than 5 show up.  If we could only get the dues paying members of GMSA to help us cut the grass, maintain and improve the ranges, fix the roads and donate the money to buy the gravel and concrete, we wouldn't have to hire this stuff out.  If we didn’t have to hire it out, we wouldn't have to have sanctioned shoots to bring in money to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of our range. If everyone pulled in a fair share of the load, we could indeed have a members only exclusive club, available 24/7 but we’re caught between a rock and a hard place…we gotta pay the bills and to pay the bills, we gotta bring in some money.

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