**special rules apply:

  1. Shooter must use our ammo (ensures a fair shoot)
  2. Any 12, 16, 20 or 410 shotgun allowed - however see #3
  3. Any other contestant may ask to shoot your gun in the contest.  You must allow him/her to do so otherwise your score will be disqualified with no money refund. (In case one contestants gun seems to be patterning better than normal, any other shooter can ask to shoot any one else's gun during their $2 shot at the target)

gmsa turkey shoots

GMSA Turkey shoots are held on our 50-yard range during the fall and winter months, usually November through February.  Targets are numbered and set at a distance of 29 yards (87 feet) from the shooting bench.  Shooters may shoot from seated position with shotgun resting on the bench or may shoot standing up with shotgun supported or off hand.

Usual Dates:

Time: 10 AM
Cost: $3 per shot, no limit, you may shoot as many times as you wish.  Ammo is furnished. (see rules below)
Shotgun: Any 12, 16, 20 or 410
Rimfire: Bonus match, depending on seasonal demand,               we will occasionally have a .22 cal bullseye                   match based on points - This is held in                         addition to a normal Turkey Shoot!

Various prizes awarded: Usually frozen hams or turkey

Contact: Scott Harrison for details.