• Currently available > 50/50 Raffles - Held during many of our club sanctioned events.  Active January through November of each year.
  • sold out - drawing held >Remington 870 Express Tactical Shotgun or Glock 43 pistol.  Drawing was held on December 5th, 2016.  Jennifer Mercure of Eastanolle, GA was the winner!  It is our understanding that she chose the Glock 43 pistol.  We will offer the Remington 870 Express Tactical Shotgun as a choice gun in the next 2017 raffle.
  • sold out - drawing held >YETI 45 quart Tundra Cooler - This was a fast and furious raffle and tickets were only sold for 38 days.  Despite the short sell time, we still managed to sell 100 tickets!  The drawing was held on July 30, 2016 and Mr. Isaiah Meads(left in picture) of Carnesville, GA was the winner!  Mr. Meads, pictured here with our very own Greg Pruitt (right) is a Fireman for Athens Clarke County and we are sure this cooler will come in handy at the fire hall while he's on duty.  We'd like to sincerely thank Isaiah for his service to our community and for the support of our club.  Very few are more deserving than Isaiah - to win this super cool (pun intended), cooler.  We are considering another YETI cooler raffle before fall hunting season. Folks, give us some feedback and we we just may be able to pull off another cooler giveaway.
  • sold out - drawing held >Nightforce Optics NXS 5.5-22 X 56 Rifle Scope - Drawing was held on November 2nd, 2015 - Mr. Rodney Perry of Hull, GA was the winner! Rodney won a superb general purpose scope donated to GMSA NIGHTFORCE <click for details.  
  • sold out - drawing held > Nightforce Optics Competition 15-55 X 52 Rifle Scope - Drawing was held October 17th, 2015 - Mr. Chris Chavis of Lexington, SC was the winner!  Chris won a serious scope donated to GMSA by NIGHTFORCE <click for details
  • sold out - drawing held > AR-15 Raffle - Only 100 tickets sold - Drawing was held in November 2014 - Mr. John Merk was the winner!
  • sold out - drawing held > Glock Pistol Raffle - Only 100 tickets available - Drawing was held in April 2015 - Mr. Jeff Spratlin of Royston, GA was the winner!
  •  currently available > GMSA Anniversary Knives - This is a limited production run to commemorate our 40th anniversary.  Two knives are available, one with an M1 Garand and a M1911A1 pistol and the other features an M16 Rifle and a M1911A1.  Only 150 of each knife was produced.  
  •  currently available > GMSA Anniversary Patches - This is a also a limited production run to commemorate our 40th anniversary.  The patch is embroidered in subdued black on olive drab twill.  A high quality patch suitable for your range bag or shooting vest/jacket. Patches are on sale for $10 each when purchased individually.
  •  currently available > GMSA 40th Anniversary Combo Package - We know there are many who would like to own all three pieces and for this level of club support, we are extending a $5 discount when you buy all three.  For $25, you can get all three and save!


gmsa Fundraisers

Our club has experienced a lot of growth over the years and we have done so only with the help of our volunteer club members and friends of the club.  Dues paid in by our yearly GMSA club members just barely covers the cost of our taxes and insurance.

Everything that you see on our range has either been built with volunteer labor, donated to us or paid for through club sanctioned fundraisers.

Fundraisers are essential to our being able to improve the club and we sincerely appreciate all who are participating!  Throughout the years, we have held various fundraiser events and every penny has been put back into the club.  

We are a 501c(4) non-profit organization and we pay no salaries or benefits to members or officers...It's all volunteer labor and our fundraisers help fund our club improvements.  GMSA fundraisers are administered pursuant to O.C.G.A 16-12-22.1 and are authorized annually by permit on file with the local Sheriffs Office.

In 2014, we launched an ambitious 5-Year plan for range improvements and roadway stability. 

We briefly interrupted the concrete phase in order to put permanent restrooms at the 50-yard range, and now that they are completed, plan to resume concrete work. 

It's often said that progress brings in it's fair share of naysayers who are charter members of the flat earth society. 

Unfortunately, GMSA is not immune and we appear to have some of these types among our membership.   Change is hard for some, it's a given, so we need to take a little time to recognize the special little jackass who continues to spin gravel on to the concrete just behind the clubhouse.   (it's people like this, that are the reason instructions are printed on a box of pop-tarts)

This problem will be solved once we get concrete poured but in the meantime, with everyone watching, we sincerely hope for the opportunity to introduce the offending party to article VIII of our club bylaws.  

We sincerely appreciate everyone's support in purchasing our raffle tickets to help fund these improvements!

The following fundraisers are helping us raise money for these projects!

THANKS to all who are participating in our fundraisers!